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cost and financing.

Lifestyle Lift® is the affordable path to a younger, more-refreshed looking you. And best of all, unlike overpriced night creams, eye serums, and other topical treatments, Lifestyle Lift will produce the long-term results you really want.

You can afford Lifestyle Lift! Lifestyle Lift Founder David Kent believes that everyone deserves to recapture their youthful appearance. So we provide a natural, safer solution than traditional facelift, necklift, minilift, and eyelift procedures at about half the cost.

Here’s why a Lifestyle Lift is so much more affordable than traditional facial rejuvenation procedures:

At Lifestyle Lift, we believe that all people, not just the affluent, deserve to look as young as they feel. Founder David Kent made facial rejuvenation more affordable by allowing physicians to spend their time with patients, rather than running a private practice, including hiring and managing employees as well as marketing. Letting surgeons do what they do best allows them to serve far more people than private-practice physicians, which brings down the cost.
Smaller plastic surgery practices are often more expensive because of their limited resources and high overheads costs. Not so with Lifestyle Lift! With 68 centers and 94 physicians nationwide, Lifestyle Lift is the largest group of Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons in the country. Our size and financial strength allow us to keep our costs, and yours, lower. And our physicians can focus on what matters most: YOU.

In a similar way, Lifestyle Lift physician are the most experienced at using local anesthesia instead of the more invasive, more expensive and riskier general anesthesia. You're conscious during your procedure, so you don't need any IVs or anesthesiologists. And that means your procedure is safer.

Everyone has a unique face, and different needs and goals. In order
to achieve your desired results, we tailor each Lifestyle Lift
procedure to fit your specific situation. How much or little you
wish your procedure to accomplish is completely up to you!

So Lifestyle Lift is the less expensive and safer route to
a younger looking you. Looking and feeling wonderful
are simply a bonus.
We believe that cost shouldn’t be an obstacle in looking and feeling your best, so, we are here to help! We accept all major credit cards: Discover, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. But, if you would rather pay for your Lifestyle Lift at your own leisure instead of all at once, financing is the way to go. Financing your Lifestyle Lift allows you to pay for your procedure in agreed upon installments between you and your lender. There are a variety of different financing options available, and we can help you find the best one for you.
Credit Cards

Looking to finance your Lifestyle Lift? Here are a few lenders we recommend:

CareCredit – a health and beauty credit line that allows you to pay off treatments and procedures in minimum monthly installments*.
Healthcare Finance Direct– financing option that allows you to pay for medical services in monthly installments with several flexible payment options.

When you come for your Lifestyle Lift® consultation, be sure to ask about the different financial options available. Your consultant will be happy to answer your questions, and even help you with the application process. You can make your Lifestyle Lift happen!

*Subject to credit approval. Minimum monthly payments required. Ask us for details.
Still worried you can’t afford a
Lifestyle Lift? Well, did you know that just a few small changes here and there in your budget can quickly add up to big savings. Think about it. How much do you spend on your morning cup of coffee each day? Probably at least 3 or 4 bucks, right?

Switching from a venti to a grande or even a tall cup of Joe could save you a buck or 2 each day – savings you could put toward your Lifestyle Lift procedure. See how just a few dollars a day can change your life? Start investing in your transformation today!
“I had been thinking of doing my eyes because I was having trouble with upper lids. I consulted the Life Style Lift staff. They explained the proceedures and were very helpful. I intended to "think on it a bit", but was contacted that there was a cancellation. I jumped in and have NO regrets! The results make me feel like I look refreshed and well-rested. The staff was always positive, helpful and cheerful. I found my surgeon to be very caring and kind. I was w...”
Peggy, age 60
Dallas, Center